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Thread: incorporate with video

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    ello there,

    I am using Flash to build CD presentation with some mpeg files, since I
    know it does not support mpeg, how can I change my files into Flash
    supporting files?

    How can I use Flash to build CD? using Projector or Autorun or both? if
    yes, how?

    if I am using .mov files and put it in Flash, when i put all the things into a CD, will the CD knows where my video files is? how?

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    You can stream video and audio in flash. Convert your movie to a jpg sequence and import that sequence into Flash. It will place one image per frame. If it is a large movie you will have memory issues. You may want to use quick time instead. There are ways to do this, its not so hard but I dont know anything about that.

    We are releasing a book soon that will illustrate all your options with video for streaming on-line or from cd. we also resolve the memory problem.

    In the meantime if you want to keep it strictly Flash I recomend you check out the Turbine software they might have something you can use and it seems like a fairly complete product. I have no personal experience with it and have heard some negatives on the open swf forum as well. They do have a free evaluation you can test first though

    good luck

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    You can use FLASHANTS FSCommand to embed native video in Flash. Flashants support streaming also.
    And use FMProjector to create your standalone video-enabled flash program.
    Or using FMPlayer solution to add video-enabled flash to your website.

    For information and tutorial about FLASHANTS FSCommand/FMPlayer/FMProjector, Go to:

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    Real and Qt also support Mpeg and SWF. In this case your final export would be the QT MOV format or the Real format. Real files need to be groomed and a toolkit to do this is available on their developrs site. Qt Files don't need to be groomed but their support only goes up to Flash 4 so you will have to save as Flash 4 or lower.

    FlashAnts, JAVI, Flash Tools, and SWF Studio will also allow you to embed a Mpeg layer into your Standalone file.

    With the current trend of companies like Corel and Adobe adding SWF export and Real and Qt supporting SWF it is only a matter of time before Microsoft adds it to Media Player- which for Win ME and higher cannot be uninstalled from the computer. This would be a better solution as the Flash format was not designed to handle long Strings of Raster information- Shockwave (Director) was designed to handle this. In fact if you look at the Macromedia support they recomend that you use Director instead of Flash for Long movies or movies with lots of bitmap information.

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