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Thread: the long lost art of roof design

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    Roof, baby, Roof (name the obscure film quote and win a hamster)

    I need some help designing a few buildings - you can only see them from the top, and its surprisingly hard to make them look like roofs rather than just square blocks.

    Dammit I've been doing this for two weeks. I'm really bored now.

    Any suggestions will be grudgingly accepted

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    can you angle it at ALL? then you could kinda see the side of the building. hummmm, I donno, add some tiles, and vents, a pool anything ya can thing that would be able to reconize from a top view. I got some images to try to help, good luck!


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    Anything you can put on the roof that will cast shadows? A raised edge, chimney, air conditioner or vent? Hey how about a fiddler? (sorry, bad humor)

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    Helicopter landing pads damnit!


    Also a really good scene to watch is the intro for the movie Hackers. It shows a good view of the top of skyscrapers in new york city, very cool. If you could re create something similar you'd be the man. Until then, that would be me! hehehe

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