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Thread: Anyone wanna help with a big project?

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    I am creating a Artificial Life engine. it should be done(or at least the basics) in a month or so. It will probably go onto Hybrid24.com(if i can get the money) and will be mentioned in quite a few sites(my friends mostly) and i am trying to get everyone I know to give a press release to their local newspaper, stating it's existance.

    it should be a pretty large project in the hed however, none of us dumb programmers can draw. I need a good graphic designer to design some small animations of single celled type creatures. I dont want 13 year olds since i am looking for someone who knows what they're doing(professionally, no offense, but i know the difference between someone who has had an 8th grade art class and someone whos gone to art classes in high school or college). this is supposed to be a realistic picture. no cartoons.

    I also would like(if possible) to have about a 3-5 frame animation making the thing look more alive. no tweening because of the processor intensive code.

    you would be able to put the full game or refrtence to the site in your portfolio as volunteer work. this will be partiall open source code, however if you would like to keep your graphics, we can arrange closed source graphics.

    If you do decide to do this, you can also make a short tutorial to acompany it (only if you want to) showing how you drew it step by step.

    the site is going to have different simulation and physics .tutorials in it as well.

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    I jsut read my post and thought i sounded a bit demanding, i am sorry. this would be a free game/simulator. we arent making it for a company or anything. just something to bulk up our portfolios.

    you can reach me at
    ICQ: 115307670
    AOL: demens517
    E-Mail: demens517@aol.com

    thanks for listening.

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