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Thread: Newbie ,I need to know something....

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    Hi all,


    I always hear about freehand ,fireworks,image styler and illustrator....

    but I cant know the difference between them and why and where to use each...are they all the same?

    I use photoshop ,but I dont know the use of each of the above...

    Any help?

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    Hi kiwi girl!

    The big difference between those is that some deal with vector graphics and some deal with bitmaps. Beyond that, as far as when and where to use each, well... I personally feel that is a matter of personal preference.

    I like the Macromedia suite of products so I use Freehand for vector graphics instead of Illustrator. Photoshop and Fireworks are for bitmaps. While I really like Fireworks for web graphics, it doesn't really do high res graphics so I do keep Photoshop around for print work.

    If you are going to bring stuff into Flash, I would recommend working with Freehand or Illustrator. While Photoshop can save your work as an Illustrator file, you can't really import that file directly into Flash without using Illustrator (at least I haven't had any luck with that).

    As an aside, for web project development, I really like working with Fireworks because you can do a lot of your layout and rollovers (JavaScript) and such in Fireworks and just export it to Dreamweaver to finish up the project. For me, it has really cut down on the time needed to complete a project. Adobe products do this to, but, like I said, it is largely a matter of personal preference.

    Most of the Macromedia and Adobe products have free trials so you can try them out to see if you really even like them. I highly recommend trying them out. Then you can see for yourself what they are capable of.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents worth (probably 0.75 cents after taxes and inflation). Hope it helps.

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    Smile Thanks cbutlerjr....:)

    thanks alot ,that was so helpful)))))

    so freehand ismostly like illustrator ,but diff companies......
    Many Thankx ))))

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