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Thread: graphic design occupation

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    Hey guys,
    I am an aspiring graphic designer that unfortunately knows little about the industry itself. While money is certainly not the driving force of my life, I would like to know the average salary of a graphic designer.
    Thanks guys

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    Well you have to really take in consideration of where you would be graphic designing at. You could make 3 times as much as normal depending on what city you where working in. Also, to be JUST a graphic designer you'd have to be really good because most of the time everyone does a little graphic design one way or another during the lifetime of a project.


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    Hello, I have to agree with Skaven it all depends on where you're working. As well, the recent dot com melt has created an employers market. I am a Photoshop Tech in Vancouver Canada, half my staff was just laid off. The best thing I can recommend is check out the areas you plan on working in. And remember most companies want someone who can do a little of everything. Why hire 5 people to run different programs when you can hire less people with more knowledge.

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    Also keep in mind that "Graphic Designer" is a tad too generic. Basically we have Junior Designers, Senior Designers, Design Directors, Creative Officers, etc... PLUS, you can add plenty of different specializations to the titles too - all of which have different salary ranges.

    For example, a Senior 3D Designer will make more than a Senior Print designer in most situations.

    To even further complicate things - as was mentioned earlier, your location makes a big difference.

    And yet another thing you need to factor in is if you freelance, contract, FT - and what kind of company (multimedia design shop, Fortune 500, etc...).

    I know there is much better info on the net.


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