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Thread: load two movies? or no

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    ok, i have a projector and exe file...basically when the user closes out of the viewed file i want to have another movie behind it saying goodbye...or thanks for checking out "x" movie....

    i figure i have two options:
    1. start the movie off of this movie...when they close the newly spawned movie (which is full frame) it will revert back to this one....but i dont know how i would go about doing that because its off a project/exe file and not html...

    2 create the second movie off of the html...now this is great and it was what i started to do..however if the user doesnt have a browser open to begin with it takes about 20 seconds for the second movie to come up after they close the original projector file...i dont have to have that happen...

    does anyone have any suggestions or tutorials or hints on how i can do this...


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    i got it to work

    i guess i just needed a break from thinking about it...

    i just put on the close button load movie x.swf level 0
    and on x.swf i put fs command fullscreen false...from there i close the application with the fs command quit....

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