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Nice idea!

I was recently forced to speak Danish in the play I was in (Christian IVs Gästabud). It's kinda like Swedish only you speak like you have porridge in your mouth, replace every thrid word with something strange and replace half the numbers with an odd "halvfjärs" combo.
Allright, now were getting somewhere Allready 3 people with Northern connections..cough cough..I would still like to push for a Scandinavian Forum. Lets face it, there are more swedish people "per capita" with pc´s than there are anywhere else in Europe.......i think......

Most pre-school kids know more about computers than i do. Well, thats not a good comparison maybe !? But the swedes dont translate tutorials because its too darn expensive, so for me, as an example, i have a swedish version of....dare i say...win2k and of course Flash. Therefore a forum for likewise would help tremendously.