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Now to put the hen amongst the chickens.....

What really is the difference between an Aussie forum and lets say a UK forum ? OK, geographically theres a huge difference, and they down a few more beers in "down under" but apart from that i mean ?

What i创m after is what these forums would be about. That must be of more interest than just creating a forum because you are from a different continent.

No offence intended here, but as yet, no-one had suggest what the reasoning is behind the idea.....
I suppose it's a sort of pride thing. As in maybe some countries think they are smarter then others? So they think it would be better to talk to people like them? whatever that's probably wrong...actually I think it's a cultural thing. European culture is different from American culture in a few ways I think....
A personal question to Gandalf.....are you a fan of "Lord of The Rings" ?
Yeah. I am reading the Book of Lost Tales right now, it's(Lost Tales) a bit confusing though.