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Thread: Taping a streaming projector file onto video tape

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    First off, please don't get uptight if this was answered before in another thread somewhere. I searched high and lo for reference to this subject, but didn't find it.

    Problem: I need to put a flash projector file (about 4-5 minutes long), onto a VHS tape. My card has TV out capab. and have tried many different connections with S-video and RCA jacks. I can get the picture, but no sound. I need the sound because it's a series of fade in-out's and wipes co-ordinated with a song. I really need to know what proper cables and connections I need to do this.

    My vid card is an Asus riva TNT /16 mg. (w/TV out).

    Gratias, Premi

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    Wouldn't you just have to get something that converts one of those little headphone plugs to RCA Audio jacks, and then either SVideo or another RCA plug coming from the video, play on your pc and record on the VCR?

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    I've posted this before a couple of times- You need an 1/8 (If your sound card has an 1/8 th jack on the back) inch spliter with 1/4 inch AV Jacks on it, if your Sound card does not support regular AV patch cords. You get a splitter from Radio Shack and anywhere else that sells AV equipment. Some high end sound cards can take regular AV cables with left and right audio and don't need a splitter. Plug the Splitter into the sound card and then the white and red ends of your AV patch cord into the splitter. The yellow cable is for video on a AV patch cord. Typically Red is for one side and white is for the other but it doesn't matter as long as they are going into the same side on both the VCR and the splitter.

    The sound is different from the Video and is handled with a different componet of your computer (The sound card). This is why it isn't working.

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