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Thread: Can't see flash in netscape! Ayuda Me! :)

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    resolved Can't see flash in netscape! Ayuda Me! :)

    First, here's the site: http://www.flexenet.com

    Problem: anyone using netscape cannot see any of the flash animation. Why why why? I mean, I check to make sure that netscape has the flash plugin, it works great on IE, but not netscape. Nothing at all shows up, as if the flash doesnt even exist. If anyone has any suggestions as far as correcting this, please do tell Thanks a lot.

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    Ya know... while your at it - mind telling me what anyone thinks of the site? Thanks

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    I checked it w/IE5, Mac.
    Looked very clean, neat, simple. Everything worked.
    Was I supposed to see beyond simple...?

    By the way...hehehe...an acquaintance of mine
    who's a professional developer put this at the end of System Requirements on her business's entry page:
    "We do not recommend using Netscape."


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