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Thread: load movie clip from scene 1 to scene 2

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    hi all i need little help.

    Let says i have a moviclip in scene 1 with instance name mc1, and another movieclip in scene 2 with instance name mc2.

    When i click on the certain button, the movieclip in scene 1 will be replaced by the movieclip in scene 2.

    how can i write such action script? also how can i removed them from scene?(if these are still another objects or movie clips on the scene which should be still keep on the scene) please help me.
    thank u

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    Dont place your mc in different scenes

    If you want to remain in scene 1 you cant take a mc instance in scene2 and place it in scene1 with action script

    If you load your movie clips onto a level you will be able to access them from wherever you are. Just leave the first frame blank with a stop action in each movie clip and tell target the level to go to a label.When you switch to the other movie clip make sure an action somewhere telltargets the other level to go to frame 1 so it dissappears

    I think that is what you are trying to do, No?


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