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Thread: Script to detect users specs

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    Is there any way that you can configure your content/CD to detect users computer specs, to enable it to sync correctly on different machines, depending on processor etc?

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    Not really (with Flash's built in projector at least).

    With Flash 5, you can detect whether the OS is Windows or Mac.

    I'm creating a Projector with Flix movies, using that I have to pause the Flix movies 2 extra seconds (3 for PC, 5 for Mac) before I play them, so they don't skip.

    To detect older PCs and Computers, I create a "Loading" type clip that uses a lot of CPU power (similar to the amount the rest of my movie uses). I find out how long the movie should play on a decent computer, and then using getTimer() before and after the movie is loaded, I find out how long it's actually playing.

    If the computer is playing too slow, I scale back the content or just show still pictures instead of movies.

    Movie clip: spinning logo (Flix), actual play time should be under 4.5 seconds.

    On pentium 3 800: 4.2 seconds (perfect);
    on pentium 233: 4.35 seconds (with heavy frame skipping, but still OK);
    on Pentium 166: 18 seconds;
    on Pentium 133: 24 seconds;

    So I scale back on the slower machine accordingly. its amazing how much a jump between the 166 and the 233 is.

    I only have G3 and G4 macs to test on, and they perform about equally.

    I'm not sure if any of the 3rd party projectors let you check CPU speed, but they're not an option to me until somebody makes one for Mac & PC

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