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Thread: Windows XP professional problems

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    Aug 2001
    Is anyone having problems with there flash 5???
    Windows XP professional Release Candidate 2
    Windows XP Home edition beta 2
    My flash when opened sometimes opens up to 4 different flash’s!!!!
    Its it just me???????

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    dont know mate am in the uk and windows xp isnt realised over hear yet can only get windows whistler the first beta test and my flash 5 works fine on that

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    Aug 2001
    i also live in UK but i have it from msdn

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    Might ought to wait for it to be released to consumers on October 25th, as it's evident from reading on the Microsoft site that the "Windows XP Professional Release Candidate 2 software comes with most of the features that will be in the final product, but without the final touches to development and testing."

    The word "Candidate" is obviously another way of calling it a beta version.

    I'm not signaling you out or directing this to you in any way, but this isn't the first time I've seen somewhere someone getting all worried about something in XP not working. Fact is, this is NOT a final version, thus, it's probably not best to convert your full system to a non-final release, nor is any pre-final release going to be used with the expectation that it's flawless and compatible with 100% of your software.

    On the Windows XP page on microsoft.com
    Release candidate software is intended for testing purposes and may cause problems with your system. It is not recommended for installation on your primary computer. Support for test versions is limited to newsgroup-based, peer-to-peer support only. Does your secondary computer meet the minimum system requirements to run Windows XP?

    I rest my case.


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