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Thread: Challenging advanced question on Multiple layer directioning (?)

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    Think yer good. try this one...
    I have two layers open in Scene1 (my only scene so far).
    I have on movie clip on each layer.
    they are instinated.
    lets call them _root.A+ _root.A
    The movie clips have multiple layers within them and thy only take one frame on the Main Timeline
    Heres the the problemo:
    In MovieClip (MC) A I want to call up the second frame of of the _root time line Without the need of a button.
    what do I do?
    thanks for yer time and patience

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    put your action in the desired keyframe. To play more than one timeline u use begintelltarget("timeline/mc to play"){ gotoandplay("frame x") }

    the keyframe actions are played whenever the timeline reaches that frame (not on press of any button)

    hope this helps,

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