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    What is a good size to make a flash site without scroll bars and a border - that anyone can use no matter what system they are running
    exact H*W??

    And how do you make (using DW4) the flash movie open in a center window without any borders???

    Can someone plz tell me?????

    much thanks.

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    Id say a good size is 780 width and 550 height.
    This will ensure that people with an 800x600 will see everything. Dont jsut make it 800 by 600 because you have to remember the browser will cut off some of the height on that resolution.

    You could also just publish your movie at 100 percent, but if you have bitmaps, then it distorts them and is usually not a desired effect.

    To get the flash movie to open in a center window from dreamweaver will require some javascript. Here is the javascript that I use

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/Javascript">

    function popUpCenteredWindow() {
    var iMyWidth;
    var iMyHeight;
    //gets top and left positions based on user's resolution so hint window is centered.
    iMyWidth = (window.screen.width/2) - (400 + 10); //half the screen width minus half the new window width (plus 5 pixel borders).
    iMyHeight = (window.screen.height/2) - (250 + 50); //half the screen height minus half the new window height (plus title and status bars).

    var win2 = window.open("popupmain.htm","Window","status=no,he ight=500,width=800,resizable=no,left=" + iMyWidth + ",top=" + iMyHeight + ",screenX=" + iMyWidth + ",screenY=" +
    iMyHeight + ",scrollbars=no"); win2.focus();


    Just copy that and paste it in between the head tags in your html code in Dreamweaver. You see in this code where it says, "popupmain.htm"? Change that code to the name of the html page with the embedded flash file. If you dont want to change anything in this code, embed your flash file in Dreamweaver, and call the html page popupmain.htm
    Also, dont forget to change the dimesions in this script to what size you want the popup to be, ie height = 550, width = 780.

    The page where you insert this script that I posted above can be called anything you want. ie. index.htm

    Then on a button on your html page, enter this code in the link box


    That will work if you do it right. The good thing about this code is that it will force the window to pop up in the center no matter what resolution. Most scripts will pop it up wherever it damn pleases.
    Good luck. Let me know if it doesnt work.

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    Originally posted by Visionray

    Good luck. Let me know if it doesnt work.
    It doesn't seem to work. I changed the name to the html name of the page containing my sites FLASH file and no luck. When I hit the button link to the site page from my index page, nothing happens. It acually seems to lockup.
    On the link to the site I included the void 0 statement only, that is right, right?

    Im going to try again but I feel I may be doing something wrong... COuld you let me know??
    Click the link to my home page to check it out...

    also whats up with the empty scroll bar on the main index page of the site??? how do I get rid of that???

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