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Thread: Rollover Effect

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    I saw a site which has a funky rollover effect I really like. Unbeknownst to me it's more difficult to achieve than I thought.


    I tried making the squares as buttons but my rollover image gets lost below the button beside it. Urrrgh.

    I tried sending the play head to another frame for each but can't get figure out how to send the play head back once the mouse rolls off the image ... granted I'm a beginner.

    If anyone can guide me I'd be super grateful.

    Thanx - W

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    Post this is done by

    Check out this movie for the fla.

    Hope that helps you out Topic gwendula.

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    Try making a button within a movie clip. Each MC will be an idividual picture in the series.

    In the MC's timeline> (select the MC and go to EDIT and then choose EDIT SELECTED.
    make two layers...
    1) being the button (transparent covering the the pic in frame 1, layer 2
    2) being the small photo on frame 1 and the roll over photo on 2 ( each frame with a stop action)

    next extend the button timeline across the frames 1 and 2.

    Right click the the button graphic (which by the way is set to the size of the first frames PIC, set to transparent) and choose actions

    In the actions goto BASIC and then ON MOUSE EVENT
    Select ON ROLL OVER
    Then select GOTOandplay FRAME 2


    In the actions goto BASIC and then ON MOUSE EVENT
    Then select on ROLL OUT
    Gotoandplay frame 1

    it should look something like this....

    on (rollOver) {
    gotoAndPlay (1);
    on (rollOut) {
    gotoAndPlay (2);

    now just place your MC where you want it on the stage and test...
    That should do it! Sounds a lot harder then it looks.
    Anyway thats how I would do it.

    To get a series of individual pics just go to your library and select the MC and right click then duplicate.

    Put it on the stage and change the graphic(s)
    Do this as many times as you would need.

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    anyway the pics are gr8

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