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Thread: advice needed...a bit complicated sorry....

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    i am making a flash movie which has no interactivity. it is consists of: a background music loop, a 1-minute voice track, floating text and some bitmaps. the whole thing is about 500K as a projector file. this is my first project so i know that i did some things wrong. my questions...

    -- should the voice track (which is cut into 6 pieces) be streaming or event based? the movie will go on a clients website and i noticed that when i tested the movie and showed streaming, the movie paused while data was loading.

    -- should i just make the thing a quicktime movie? will this ensure complete download before playing?

    thank you,
    mirela k.

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    500k is big, so I suggest to make a preloader frame
    It will ensure that all the frame is loaded before start playing it.

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