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Thread: Custom Packaging for small Biz Card projects?

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    Hey all...

    I was wondering if any of you know of a place that offers packaging for the biz card media in small quantities? Say 100 pieces or so.

    I'm talking about a printed cardboard sleeve or even a printed direct mail piece. To see a sample of what I'm talking about you can take a look here. http://www.cdex.net/packagingcard.htm

    Their minimum quantity is 500 and a bit costly.

    Have any of you done a small project with packaging. I think the little clear plastic sleeve is O.K. but it certainly is not as professional as a printed sleeve would be in my opinion...



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    printed sleeve


    Yeah we definitely do those here, is it four color with bleeds? and what's the time frame etc.


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    Need more info...

    Well I was asking if anyone new where to get these made in such a low quantity. Can I assume by your reply that you do these in a small quantity as 100 maybe even 50? As for the artwork itself yes they would be full bleeds.

    What do you charge for them if I order 100 or maybe just 50 to start with?

    Do you have a website or phone number?

    Thanks... Kevin

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