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Thread: Program Text Effect?

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    Hi everyone;

    As i only know that swish is a text effect editor for flash movie. But is there any others? I feel that the swish not good enough because it only can export to *.swf, is that any other program and do editing?

    Have a nice day.

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    These are the text effects engines and their output:

    Firestarter (Only Exports as SWF), Wildform (Exports as SWF only), Flax (Export as SWF only), Mix-FX (Only as SWF), Magic Flare (only SWF), and Flashtyper (SWF only), SWiSH 1.5X

    These are the two General Purpose Flash tools that have built in text effects engines and their export:

    SWiSH 2 (SWF and AVI)- $49.95 http://www.SWiSHzone.com and KoolMoves (SWF, Image, or Image Sequences BMP, PNG, or JPEG)-$29.99 http://www.koolmoves.com . Both tools allow you to target a Sprite to load a movie into- In KoolMoves it is Import SWF as Object and in SWiSH 2 You create a Sprite and then Load Movie into Level -1 from within the sprite. KoolMoves parses the header of the SWF that you load and dispalys it as a bounding box while in SWiSH 2 you have to preview the movie to get an idea of where the movie is. SWF text effects loaded into sprites can be moved- and altered just like any other SWF Shape. This would allow you to further edit your effect and to place several into together.

    GoldShell make a tool called ClipYard:

    ClipYard allows users to combine SWFS without loosing Sounds and Actions... This tool is designed to support MixFX and Flax but works with any SWF. Clipyard is fairly useful and if you own more than 1 SWF creation tool I suggest it.

    It only supports Placing and positioning though but can still take multiple SWFS and Insert them or order them anyway you want.


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