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Thread: Movie Size for Flash CD ROM

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    I've got to build a CD ROM from Flash (standalone exe projector) for my
    company's product, along with a graphic designer who is creating all the
    fancy graphics.
    The thing is, I'm not really sure what size to set the movies for the standalone. For instance, if the designer gives me a background image of
    about 1000 pixels by 800, is this a suitable size for the movie itself or
    should the graphics and the movie be a lot smaller?
    What is an acceptable movie size for standalone exe?
    Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but I'm new to Flash (and am
    having to learn it all extremely quickly!)

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    Not a dumb question, but hard to answer. There is so much to consider. Are you going to deploy the flash movie in the users browser, or as an exe? Do you know the screen resolution of your users? Do you intend on using a lot of bitmap graphics or will you be using a lot of vector graphics? In any case, 1000 by 800 sounds a bit large. Most screen resolutions are 800 x 600. If you are going to deliver it in a broswer, then you might consider something less, like 750 x 500 or something so the users don't have to scroll. Even though flash can stretch to fit the screen, sometimes it doesn't look so good, particularly if you use a lot of bmps, or jpgs, etc.. YOu could decide to use the fscommand and set resize to false. Then you have to consider you might be making the flash movie too large for your users. So in short, first decide how you are going to deploy your flash movie. Next decide what the majority of your users are using for screen resolution. And that should help you decide what the size of your movie should be. hope this helped. Tell me more and I will give it another shot!

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    Thanks James!
    The movie is definetely only going to be deployed as an exe. Don't know a lot about screen resolution of users (ie -nothing!). I will also definetely be using a lot of bitmaps. (I'll get them from the graphic designer)
    I was therefore going to go for 800 X 600 stage size and get the designer to design his images based on those dimensions. Does that sound reasonable?
    Thanks for your help!

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    If you want to make certain that EVERYONE can see your movie, then you will have to use 640 x 480, or allow your movie to scale. Believe it or not some people still use that resolution! If you are using bitmap images, then I suggest 640 x 480 and setting "allowsscale" to false. Otherwise on higher resolution screens your beautiful images can look very pixelated.

    I do this all of the time. Using the fs commands for stand-alone projectors, you can go "fullscreen" (true) and "allowscale" (false). This centers your 640 x 480 movie on the user's screen and fills the rest of the screen with the background color of your movie (black?). If you animate anything from off stage to on stage, you will have to create a black "cover" on the top layer of your movie to hide the item when it is off stage.

    Hope this helps.

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