I'm using the latest Build - SWISH 2 --2001.8.15--

Follwing the HELP instructions on the "Javascript" action...

1) I defined an "OnPress" event for a Text element.
(just the word: "Text")

2) I selected the "Javascript" action.

3) The "Javascript" dialog box opens, BUT...
something strange already, the gray banner on top
of the area where I'll input my JS code,
ALREADY shows:

Javascript ""

That's the word: Javascript, followed by a space and then 2 successive double-quotes. Swish forced the 2 double-quotes!

That is slightly different than the example shown on the Swish HELP Topic. (which shows Javascript: <--colon!)

4) When I enter my test Javascript:

alert("Hello World!")

in the space provided, I end up with this apparently wrong string in the action:

Javascript "alert("Hello World!")"

Obviously, when tested in the external browser (IE5.5),
no alert box is shown.

I believe that SWISH 2.0 forces the extra set of double quotes -on the outside- of the expression...The double-quote BEFORE the word: alert, and the double-quote AFTER the closing parenthesis.

Again, the 2 external double-quotes are FORCED initially by SWISH and you can't get rid of them. So, the JS expression does not work in the browser...


IE 5.5, Win ME, 1Ghz DELL, 512 RAM.