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Thread: -> Scalable movies in HTML pages?

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    I know how to put an .swf in a HTML movie and I also know that if you set the size of the movie to W:xxx% and H:xxx%
    that the swf will scale according to the users screen size.
    However.. is there a way of scaling the movie while still keeping the proportion intact?
    I have been mustering over this for some time now..so any help would be duly appreciated.

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    To keep the proper proportion (i.e. the width scales in proportion to the text) just set the height and width both to 100% in the HTML.

    Whatever the browser is scaled to, the H&W will always be proportionate.

    Here's an example... I just finished this intro for a company in Texas...
    http://www.worththewait.com and used this same method.

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    could you go to
    and enter the "calendar" section..
    here.. I have set the w and h to 100% and it doesn't scale in proportion..
    hmmm.. very interesting...
    maybe something to do with frames.

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