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Thread: External file links to a Projecter file on a cd, help!

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    Can anyone help? I've just created a projector file that works well. I wanted to include about 21 pdf documents in the presentation. I created a html page and linked all of the files to the html page that is included on the cd and left the html document in the default folder.

    I created a button and linked it to index.htm but the file won't open and the projector freezes.

    What is the best way to link external files to a projector file on a cdrom? The computers won't have web access.


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    Well first of all when opening a HTML file in windows via flash you should be aware of certain bugs..

    In Flash 4 the default browser is ignored with a projector and it only opens IE..

    In Flash 5 under Windows 2000 the window opens in the background of the flash projector.. and mailto: command doesn't work at all from a projector..

    Now you should be able to use GetURL and use a file name like index.htm and if that file is in the root folder with the projector it should open..

    The best way to do a professional cdrom presentation is to open the .pdf's from flash.. using a web page is a tad bit cheesy..

    Unfortunately to do it right you need 3rd party software as flash won't open anything but .exe's from a projector..

    You could use my freeware tools at http://flashtools.net or northcode's commercial program at http://www.northcode.com

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    Smile Thanks for your help!

    Thanks For your help... The htm file was just bugging. The presentation is great... my client wanted to ad 21 pdf's to the cd. I did not want to have to worry about the acrobat plugins. I designed a nice htm page and linked the pdf's.

    I wanted to try the programs that you suggested, which one works the best? I will absolutely use it in the future.

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