Hello everyone.

Interesting post thread going on here. Maybe I can contribute a little from Irvine, California - USA. A lot of these postings are from europe and elsewhere and it has been interesting seeing what going on out there.

I am a creative director at a small new media ad firm. We do not have a lot of employees so many of where multiple hats. I personally do most of the flash work. Although I also do a lot of web/CD rom work as well. I make $80k/yr US at my full time job here - and another 35k/yr working in my spare time (evenings) picking up moonlighting flash jobs throughout the year.

I there is truth in both comments above. There is a lot (and going to continue to be a lot) of work out there for anybody in rich media development. Mostly because of the rate of connectivity and technology. Though there are increasingly more talented flashers popping up - I do not see them saturating an ever increasing rich media marketplace. Also, people make money for two other reasons. They are talented....and they are well rounded in other supportive areas.

Let me explain. I have my degree in film scoring and for most of my youth wrote music for film and radio. I have also been engineering music professionally off/on for many years. This means I can not only score my own music for projects...but edit it as well. Further, I have been designing formany years as well. Learning graphic concepts is very constructive to a lot of things we do all day. Over the past 5 years, since developing web sites and inyteractives for clients....it has allowed me to learn most programming languages too.

Put all this together, and you are deadly out here. My point is...it pays to become interested in all the things that come into play when developing flash for clients.

My flash programmers make anywhere from $40/hr to $120/hr.

Hope this helps your perception of the marketplace out here in California!