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Thread: .MOV FILE !?!

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    How can I play a movie in my Flash-movie ??

    I have imported the .mov-file but it doesn't work
    If I play the swf-file, you can't see a thing of the movie (.mov)

    If you can help me, plz let me know

    thanks a lot

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    You have to convert your .mov into a sequence of pictures. Try following tutorial:


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    It's to bad but the movie will only play if published as a .mov. .swf's cannot do this.

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    sequences of images are a great way to go but they have one problem. They consume lots and lots of ram on playback.

    You should consider a conversion software which has memory management such as SWideo.com Livetronix.com wildforms.com
    vid2swf.com and the list go's on

    If you can wait about a month we are releasing a book on how to stream from the flash timeline and the book comes with software that applys the memory management needed.

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