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Thread: We have been sensored

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    Not at FlashKit

    We specialize in streaming simulated video directly on a Flash timeline. We have made some huge breakthroughs in this area that make the conversion softwares look lame. We can now stream at rates lower than DV and with higher quality.

    You would think the DV world would be happy to hear about any technological advance, right?

    Wrong! All of our posts on http://www.stremingmedia.com have not been accepted. They do not have a real time board like here.
    Now I understand why.

    BTW We do not post commercials, we respond to people who ask if their is an alternative to Powerpoint which can also stream video.

    Imagine that, a controled community, just give them the info that benefits your cause. I understand that coming from a manufacturer but not from a community a magazine that is supposed to be objective.

    Power to communities that post the good and the bad

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    I have confronted the people at streamingmedia Their chief editor tells me they have no alliance with the Big 3.

    That my posts were screened because they were checking for mlm scams etc...? I have nothing to do with any scams my post was pretty basic regarding a PowerPoint question but whatever

    I will be allowed to post responses in the near future. That my membership was cancelled due to some technical problems and not due to censorship, just bad timing.

    The guy sounded like he was telling the truth. So maybe we are not being censored. Did I spell it right this time

    For the sake of a future good posting relationship we apologize and we really look forward to seeing our posts clear the clearing area.

    I still like these boards better, almost everyone behaves pretty respectfully as far as I am concerned and everyone gets heard


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    Do you have a demo or an example of your breakthrough for us to see?

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    We have some basic examples on our site but because you can not protect swf we have none posted that take full advantage of our techniques/software.

    The official demo video that comes with the book features all of our techniques and will be posted on release of the book. The video is being filmed at this time. More importantly the video is being filmed by us with Prosumer equipment. We are not exactly Video Gods so everybody take note if we can do it so can you.

    One special note we have contacted Animallogix to see if they want to do a video and they are thinking about it. If they decided to do one we will feature both videos, one for the Digital Pros and one for the rest of us.

    All I can say is Quality is top notch and stream rates are unrealistically low up to this point. If we can maintain this ratio throughout the rest of the video...the world will be pleasantly shocked.

    PS. The average number of people signing up for our notification of release doubled almost overnight. In case any flashers are still not aware of this, please sign up now if you want the $15 rebate off the wholesale price of the book. The offer will be revoked 1 week before the release which appears to be around the middle of September


    Jorge Pease
    Manta Productions

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    You can see an example at http://www.2112fx.com/video1.html . Manta is for real.


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