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Thread: loading diffrent parts of a movie...

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    Hi, i have a problem with my flash movie...

    Making a loading script for the movie was no problem..
    but i want the movie to be quicker insted of loading the whole movie in one blow, i want to separate the movie.. so i can load my "showcase" after the rest of the movie is loaded...

    i hope some of you guys know what i mean...
    and i would be very happy to get this working...



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    load separate swfs

    create a separate movie (same dimensions as your main movie) and call it showcase.fla and publish it.

    then in your main movie create a button called showcase and apply an onMouseEvent

    on (release) {
    loadMovieNum ("showcase.swf", 2);

    unload level 2 to make it go away.

    this way, the showcase will only load when someone hits the button.

    this is a good way to work. breaking apart you site into logical chunks that are available to the user on demand. it will help to keep your initial file size down.

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