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Thread: loading scenes

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    To the board:

    We have a large movie that should be loaded in scenes.

    Should we break it up into separate movies?

    Can we load scenes? Should we start loading the second scene in the middle of scene 1? If scene 2 is loaded before scene 1 is done, will scene 2 just play and interrupt the end of scene 1? How would we code it for scene 2 to wait?

    Please help!


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    Scenes, are merely a developers tool, they should not be used as references or part of the structure of a project. It is much more efficient to refer to frame labels. If you have to break a project up, break it into separate swfs. and load into targets. When you load and how you load depends on the size of the file and how it fits into the main page.
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    we broke it into scenes.

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