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Thread: Top of the line graphics? Your FAVORITE?

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    ok, photoshop 5 is usually considered the best program to make images in all correct? and bryce 4, 3d graphics..?

    well, i think this is accurate, but, are there any particular faves all you other web designers out there prefer & have? for 3d, i heard Rhyno is good also- to make top of the line graphics. what stuff do you use/like?


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    Actually, Photoshop 6 would be considered the best program for graphics.

    People have their preferences with Corel or Adobe or whatever, but the industry concensus is that Photoshop is the standard desired program for image creation and manipulation. I totally support that.


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    yeah true (Corel vs Photoshop), but basically everyone told me that 6 (which i never got) was horrible , and 5 was actually *better* than 6.

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    Definatley Photo Shop is the industry favourite in the industry. I don't know much about 3D, but always here bryce is good for landscapes and background. But Studio Max wa better for character modeling.

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    Photoshop is definately the standard for image manipulation and such. I have used 5, 5.5, and 6 and I'd say that I like 6 the best because of the new text handling and vector shapes. However I think those are the same reasons for why people dislike 6.0. If you don't like 6 then 5.5 is definately better than 5 especially if you are doing web graphics. I like Illustrator better than Freehand for vector but not by much. As for 3d I heard that while 3d MAX is an industry standard, it's mainly because it's so widely used not because it's better. (Kinda like Windows )I like nendo for modeling because it's cheap, powerful, and there is like a zero learning curve; but I hear for the really heavy duty stuff, Maya is where it's at.

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    Photoshop is the standard (and a worthy one) for image manipulation and enhancement.

    I think preferation of software mostly depends on which soft u used first. I started drawing with Coreldraw 4.0 and used the newer versions when they were released. (up to 10 now) I tried to learn Illustrator but when i didn't find a utility i needed, I fired up my Coreldraw and made it there.

    Same story with 3D design. I first used 3D Studio Max 2.0 and never lastest longer than 5 min. in other programs such as Lightwave or Truespace.

    What makes people chose certain software first? I think that's just faith, society an media. Why do newbies choose Photoshop? Because they 'heared a lot about it'. And in the case of Photoshop that's a good thing... But...

    Anyways, my summary:

    1:: Photoshop 6.1
    2:: Coreldraw 9
    3:: 3D Studio Max 3.1
    4:: Flash 5
    [and Dreamweaver 4]

    PS: When you say photoshop 5.5 is better than PS 6, you're right. But the new upgrade 6.1 works perfect and has a lot more to offer...


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    I would argue that Maya is well above 3D Studio Max for professional work. However, I have mot tried 3DS 4 so I do not know. I know that 3DS also drops polygons for really accurate stuff, so use a solid modeller instead like ProE or Solidworks. Rhino is great for complex 3D geometry and is very good value.

    In print work I know of not many people who use Corel, and having never used it myself am no expert! But I use Illustrator, after having used Freehand for the past 6 years.

    Photoshop is the daddy. I prefer 6 to 5 actually.

    Well, the tools ain't as important as the designer anyway!

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    When you say ProE, do you mean Pro Engineer? If you do, I'd like to say that Pro Engineer is a bit to technical... Not to mention a bad interface.
    For large scenes, mostly out-(and) indoor buildings you also could use 3D Studio Viz (older version).
    I haven't tried 3DS MAX 4 either but I'm working on it...
    Printing companies indeed almost never use Coreldraw, which I think is a shame...
    Now that you mention it, could you tell me a place were I can find a good Illustrator instruction manual? The Basics and/or Advanced Work?

    About Photoshop you're right, it being the daddy and all. And because Illustrator is also from Adobe it would be more logical to use the both together...

    But I'll still have a hard time letting go of Coreldraw... sob


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    Photoshop 6 all the way baby!

    Bryce and Poser for 3D.

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