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Thread: f5 killing fonts part II

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    i did a banner with a txt doing some alpha and brightness fx, but when i exported the movie as a swf my font face was gone. so, i exported as a quick time and the same problem happened. so, i deleted my txt and redid it. Same thing. duplicated the layer and dropped the alpha on one down to 30%. the swf and quick time showed two layers of txt at 100% alpha. i'm going nuts with this puzzle... help, help... somebody.

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    This usually happens when you are applying effects (both colour, transparency and transformation) to dynamic/input text fields where you have not embedded the font. For things like alpha and rotation to work on a non-static text field the font has top be embedded ... or it will simply not appear.

    Hope this helps!

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    so if i understand, the font u wanted to show up changes to something different ... if this is the case, and the font that shows up is ur system default font, then you need to change your text option in flash ... if the text is set to dynamic, it will use the default font depending on the computer, if you use static, it will stay the same .. i hope i was of some help...


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