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Thread: [RESOLVED] No more jobs forum??? VERY disappointing!

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    resolved [RESOLVED] No more jobs forum??? VERY disappointing!

    Why has the jobs forum been closed?

    DICE is a resource only for recruiters, and is TOTALLY innappropriate as the only resource for flashkit!!! What about small companies such as mine who want to post a job for only one flash module or something else that we don't want to pay a recruiter thousands of dollars for???

    I have to say this strikes me as a sell-out.

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    I do miss the jobs forum myself. HOPEFULLY if the flashkit team respond to our demands for regional forums, then this would be an ideal place for posting jobs, as the jobs forum was often filled with posts looking for talent in a particular area.

    Go and make a noise here:

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    Yeah I think regional forums are a good idea as well. I like the idea of flashkit being a community. That's why I want the jobs board back! I hate using these mass-market, impersonal corporate services like DICE...


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    Bring back the jobs forum! I cant see the sense in deleting it

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    Probably got some nice little deal with dice.

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    I'm sure they did... but kinda screws us in the process, dontcha think?

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