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Thread: using the URL link box to call actionScript

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    Is it possible to use the "link text box" in the Character panel to call actionScript or an AS function? This would be very cool, for example in director you can do this by typing: lingo:codecodecode

    so instead of going to a URL it would go to a sepcific frame or something like that.

    Any help would be great!



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    give me an example of what you want to do...

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    example 4 u

    ok heres my example:

    My project is for IBM. It is a computer based training course that will be translated into 5 or so languages so all text must be dynamic.

    I am pulling in text from a text file. Some of the text links to external web addresses...so no problem, I simply insert the HTML tag: <A HREF=""> into the text. That is fine for external sites but some of the text also links to other modules within the flash course, for example another frame.

    well since it is dynamic text, i can not exactly know where the text that is linking to the modules is. So I can not create a button to call the ActionScript. I was hoping that I would be able to use something similar to the <A HREF=""> tag that would call a funcion in ActionScript.

    If not, then I do not see a way to use dynamic text to call ActionScript.

    Any ideas? I hope I explained this clearly, if not, please ask!


    dave sharek
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    figured it out

    in case anyone is interested...

    i figured it out

    simply type:


    in the URL box of the character menu once you have selected some text.

    or if it is in dynamic text you can do this

    <A HREF="asfunction:gotoAndPlay(2)>click here!!!</A>

    booom..there it is

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    before knowing your example, I was thinking in a different way, that wouldn`t work...

    It`d take me that time to figure it out!

    good mindjob!!!!!!

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