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    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way that you could import hi res jpeg files to flash and get the output size smaller than the input?

    so it can load faster..

    please.. need help quick with this!

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    If you want the image to keep the original quality, the size will never get any smaller.
    Flash is not for using raster-images, it's for vector-drawing.
    I suggest using an images with a lower res or vectorizing the image (but that also makes the image loose quality. Creates a nice effect though)


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    Import it as a BMP and experiment with the compression stuff.

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    BMP is equivalent to a PICT file on a MAC. Both are image file formats that don't really compress an image - therefore allowing you to import the highest quality possible into a FLA. Flash uses JPG compression as a default for all raster-based images (and non-raster too). You can alter the setting on each image as raster, non-raster, smoothing, etc...

    If you import a high-res JPG and then export your file at say 80, you will be JPGing a JPG, which will lower the size of your original JPG - but a noticable drop in quality will occur.


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