man...this really sucks.

I took my car into the shop today to get it fixed from where some lady backed into it.
anyway..i picked up my rental car this morning. Guess what it is. BTW, im a 21 yr old who drives a half-way decent eclipse. gets a lotta looks and the chix dig it. anyway..i go to pick it up..and they bring around a BUICK REGAL!..a F*CKING REGAL!? GIMME A BREAK! they told me they would have given me a sport-util(not that its much better, but a REGAL!?) but they couldn't becuase of my age. i had to be older to drive a sport-util. Hmm..that makes old enough to drink, have sex, and vote, yet i cant drive a sport-util.

anyway..i gotta drive this grandpa-car around for 3 to 7 days while my baby gets fixed. what a load of *****.

My friend and i went to get lunch..we were in wendys and there were some nice lookin girls there. they laughed when they saw us get in the regal

oh this sucks hard

BTW, figures it had to be a woman who hit me. You know they saying about them. "Women drivers = no survivors"

(runs and hides for fear of retalliation on that last line)