I am creating a variation of a clock, that doesn't tell the time but reacts to the changes in hour and displays a message depending on what hour of the day it is. They only problem being that this code doesn't work and i don't see why. The text box in the movie pics up the text but it only displays the first variable for before 3 in the morning?! I really need some help with this one so if there is a supastar :guitar: out there please give it a go.

The code is below

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    now = timedate.getHours();
    if (now.getHours()<3) {
        this.exp = "...so what are you doing up so late?";
    } else if (now.getHours()<7) {
        this.exp = "Well, well, well are we you trying to get a raise or what...!!!!";
    } else if (now.getHours()<11) {
        this.exp = "Welcome back to another glorious day at work!";
    } else if (now.getHours()<13) {
        this.exp = "I think you should run quickly to the canteen before all the good stuffs gone.";
    } else if (now.getHours()<14) {
        this.exp = "Most of the good food's gone I'm afraid.";
    } else if (now.getHours()<16) {
        this.exp = "You only have to last a few more hours!";
    } else if (now.getHours()<17) {
        this.exp = "It's almost home time!";
    } else if (now.getHours()<19) {
        this.exp = "Anyone staying past five must be truly devoted to their job.";
    } else if (now.getHours()<21) {
        this.exp = "I think you should all go home to your families now.";
    } else {
        this.exp = "Go home, get some sleep.";