Hey everyone,

I'm looking for advice on how to minimize the time it takes to create a project and end a contract. Here is the deal:

In June, I got hired as a web/flash designer for a local company. Basically, through subcontracting, this company hires me to create websites for others. About a week after I got hired, I got my first contract for a place called "Joblinks". I made an iniatial design, submitted it to them and received a list of changes and additions to be made. After completing these, I re-submitted the site for evaluation, to which they replied that they loved the design and would supply me with site content asap. Problem is, we are now 2 months later and this contract is not over yet.

Initially, my boss asks me how long it would take for me to make a site. In this case, he would pay me for 15 hours of work, any overtime would be on my own time without pay. This got me thinking. I think it's normal for a client to be rarely 100% happy with what you create for them, so in my opinion a few revisions to the site should be done freely. But, is it unfair for a client to keep asking for revisions? As a way of minimizing the time it takes to create and finish a site, should I suggest that after a certain number of revisions I should get paid? Or should I shut my mouth and do it until they are content?