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Thread: jpeg vs. gif? imports & symbols?

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    Im importing bitmaps into flash from photoshop.
    Some of the images save down better as gifs
    rather than jpegs. Does it matter which format
    I use in Flash? Is there any advantage to using
    jpeg vs. gifs or vice versa?

    Once I have the bitmap in Flash they are
    converted to symbols for Alpha effets...i
    need to keep the original import in order to
    keep the symbols. Why is this...does the
    symbol rely on the importd artwork?

    thanks in advance.

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    They will both work, although unless you do not allow scaling in your swf, I would not use gif's thay have poor resolution. For the best image quality stick with a jpeg or png. As for your resolution question try saving your jpegs with a higher quality [6]-medium or higher if needed.

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    You may like to check my reply in the thread

    And yes the symbols rely on the imported artwork.


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