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Thread: This is getting more than agravating... grrrr

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    I know this has been addressed already, but it's extremely aggravating to have to keep going back and getting new keys.
    This has never been a problem in Swish 1 (which I am liking more and more).
    I followed all instructions and moved my license for Swish 2 from one pc to my second pc. Worked like a charm except my first Swish 2 now does not work, and is no longer valid! Grrrr....
    Not happy with Swish right now...
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    Umm let me see here as I've been there done that.
    You moved your liscene from computer one to computer2 correct?
    then you went to Swish support and got the new site key for computer1 using current computer number of computer1
    Received a reply,,,
    Opened swish2.o in puter1 hit enter.
    entered the new key you got in email from swish.
    and then it doesn't work?
    Mine worked however I know there was a thread about this a few days back. I'm assuming that the swish team will be taking the weekend off a few of them have cropped up.
    One of them was concerning using Nortons disk defrag
    I've been searching but I can't seem to find the thread if I come across it I'll send it your way.

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    Thank Fretts. Got it going again. (new key)
    I'm aware of the defrag probs, but I hadn't defragged when this happened.
    Anyway, it's working again, so I 'm happy again.
    Btw, thanks for mentioning that your previous sig was done Cool3D. I was wondering about that. Cool sig.

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    I'm guessing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    If you uninstall 2.0 and reinstall it you will get a new computer number.
    use that as your number to enter at http://support.swishzone.com
    then await email and see if it works.

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