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Thread: loading problems...please help!!!!

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    I have a descent website that is mostly flash. But the loading time sucks and really isnt good for 56k. Is there any way I can make the loading time faster? Please e-mail me with suggestions and advice, I would greatly appreciate it.


    AOLIM: gambit2666

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    The load time realy is horrible! I don't know what is wrong. The images you use, are they optimized? Are they jpeg's? Were do you host? Does a simple html document also take that much time to load? What's the size of your swf-files?


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    Check out my website now and tell me how long it takes to load. I might have fixed it.

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    Cant tell the loading time, im on cable... but I like your artwork.


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    Yeah, you fixed it!! Great! May I ask what was the problem and how you fixed it?


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