OK, if my subject got your attention I'm glad, b/c 1 - I really do need help and 2 - I honestly empathize with all the experienced flashers on this board that answer the same question over and over, because "newbies" are not searching the boards before posting. This board is better than any class I ever took. With that said....I did look up how to create preloaders and used FOUR different tutorials before I found one that I could understand and that worked for me. Being new, some of the advanced stuff was WAY over my head. I built a percentage pre-loader and when published the dynamic text actually appears and is not hidden. You can see "total_bytes" "loaded_bytes" etc. Also, the second part to my post is how can I actually view my site the way a new person logging onto the site for the first time sees it? I erase my cache before I click on it, but I know it is loading WAY to quick. If anyone cares to know the tutorial I followed it is: www.actionscripts.org/tutorials/intermediate/flash5_preloaders/index.shtml
I know this tutorial isn't from this site, but I found the link here and it was one of the easier percentage preloaders, BUT no one wants a "newbie" to email specific questions to them when things don't work, they want things posted. It is frustrating to answer the same question dozens of time, but I think that's why we have a section for newbies, because they really don't know the way around yet. OK fingers are tired...sorry I was so long winded..
- tired nervous newbie