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Thread: GRAPHIX!!!!!

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    I need to know if the loading time is okay from all sorts of connections, and tell me what you think of the layout. Check out my website and tell me what you think. I love any suggestions or comments. Post in my forum and put some poetry up. Or even stories.


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    It load prety fast at home (cable) ans at work (dsl) but they both high speed. I don't know much about web designing. But I am very impressed. From a user stand point it is easy to navigate. Just a couple things that confusedme at first. The text buttons at the bottom when I selected something. Maybe because I was concentrated on the veiwing area. And I didn't realize I could click them to go back. But over all it's awsome. Your artwork is very well done as well. Hopefully someone will reply with a dial up and let you know loading time. Cheers.

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    Well you did a nice job. Considering the extreme long load time last time! I know you had some problems with that. Even with my cable connection it was slow last time and now... I don't even get to see the loading screen ...almost
    How díd you fix it anyway?


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    yeah i like the dark style alot. just a couple of comments:

    1. maybe make the jpegs in the art section higher quality- people are prepared to wait for quality in that scenario.

    2. make the buttons at the bottom better tied in. they don't seem to be designed by the same person.

    but overall. yeah. reeespect. nice and dark.

    rock on

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