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Thread: dreamy moon and duplex sky

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    Hi all
    I am looking for picture of moon like in style of intro from dreamworks ( dreamy ) and animationy of sky ( clouds moving like in hot summer ) like in video clip from papas and mamas in california dreaming!!!!

    Anyone ...any tips thanks a lot

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    hey pilot,

    try http://www.google.com, under advanced search, theyve got a BETA Image SEarch that rocks, i found exactly what i needed their last time i used it. try there,

    hope it helps

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    images.google.com indeed is great. One of the best. The animated clouds you'd probably have to make by yourself...


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    sure is koen, i use it all the time.

    for the clouds, you could try using plasma fills, they usually work for that random highlighting the've got. u get them inmost vector drawing programs like drawplus or corel, although u probably know that.

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