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Thread: Levels and telltarget

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    I have a movie with three scenes, Intro, Main and Zoom

    On the Main scene there is a timeline with lots of MC's controlled using telltarget.

    One of these MC's plays, then stops, then on a button press, starts another MC playing and is supposed to start the main timeline going again. But doesn't.

    If I use TellTarget and try to address Main,

    if (_level0.close == 0) {
    gotoAndStop (1);
    } else if (_level0.close == 1) {
    tellTarget ("_level0.ball") {
    gotoAndPlay (9);
    tellTarget ("_level0") {
    gotoAndPlay("Main", 3);

    No joy, sets 'ball' clip going no problems. But main timeline just stays.

    If I do it the other way,


    It just goes back to the Intro and plays from frame 3 in that scene.

    I'm about ready to scream, please help


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    Try specifying whether it is a relative or absolute target, toggling between these two usually solves a few problems... Also, if you're using tell target make sure that the paths are separated by / and not .

    good luck

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    The . and / thing doesn't seem to matter, they both work for me.

    The problem seems to be the MC on the main timeline, when I put in the
    tellTarget (_level0)
    gotoandPlay (3)

    It jumps scenes and plays frame number.


    Just decided to try a frame label instead, it worked.

    Thanks for your help.


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