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Thread: Here's a complicated mindbender...

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    I have 6 different buttons on a main timeline that I want to have behaving this way (numbers are examples):

    when the user clicks on button 1,
    if frame 10 of nested movieclip 4,or 2, or whatever, is active,
    then, nested movieclip 1 will play from frame 15 and nested movieclip 2 will play from frame 1...
    if not, then I want nested movieclip 1 to stop at frame 10 and nested movielclip 2 to stop at frame 3...

    I got the 1st part right but I don't understand why my "else if" isn't working...

    pleease help......

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    Hi squisshh...not sure without seeing your actual code, but it sounds like maybe you just need an "else" instead of an "else if".......but that's purely a guess....post your code and we can tell more...


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    I've tried so many combinations of code but I am starting to settle for the fact that what I want is simply impossible (I'm not totally resigned to that yet)...you see, I wanted to have it working so that depending on which section of the page you are at (determined by number of frame in a nested MC), when you click on button 1, 2, 3 or whatever, the transition (2 MCs playing and the one that will play depends on which frame in a particular nested MC is) will happen accordingly.
    This is the code that I was using. I had tried using "with" instead of tellTarget but it wouldn't work at all and I have tried several combinations... It's not reading my else if (sniff..)

    on (release) {
    if (mainclip==true) {
    tellTarget ("/mainMC") {
    gotoAndPlay (11);
    tellTarget ("/contact") {
    gotoAndPlay (2);
    } else if (about==true) {
    tellTarget ("/contact") {
    gotoAndStop (2);
    tellTarget ("/aboutMC") {
    gotoAndPlay (11);
    etc... (there's more conditions)

    The real purpose of this?
    Well, I have a cool MC that shows up when you are in the main section of the page. When you click on the "about" button for example, a new MC will fade in and the previous one will fade out so they look that they are merging. The thing is that if I am in the news section for example and I click on the about button, the fade in will show as if I were in the main section, thus showing the wrong MC, so, I need to add a new condition right? If there's a simple way of doing this, I'd like to know... thanx

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