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Thread: i want button 'on click' to look different

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    i have a button that when clicked I would like to look different. i have done this by using a mc in one of the keyframes of the button, but isn't there another way?

    how about after the button is clicked then the timeline goes to another frame where you have added changes to the button.

    i know this has to be so simple.


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    put your button inside an mc, make a new blank keyframe on frame 2 of the mc, put a stop action on both frames. now duplicate your button, drag it onto the second frame and use the info panel to line it up exactly in the same spot. now edit the second button so that it looks like you want, on the first button in addition to whatever actions you want the button to perform, insert this code:

    on (release) {
    play ();

    insert the same code for the button on frame 2. this should do what ya want, but if you have more than one button that you want to change(like for a menu) and you only want one to change at a time, it gets a bit more complicated, if thats you case, reply and i'll detail the steps you would take for that.

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