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Thread: after click, old mc should go away.

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    i have a menu system that when clicked, loads a movie. well, there are several movies which the menu is able to load. the problem is that after loading the new clip- the old one does not go away.

    now, i know that i can give the buttons on the menu actions which go to and stop on blank frames of the old movie clip, but then i would have to do this to each button for each movie clip correct?

    isn't there an easier way to do this?

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    getyourbiglobster (um . . . if you say so) . . .

    but anyways . . . i have ran into this problem when i tried designing an entire website like this and i don't know exactly what you're using this for but you might want to research a little on the unloadmovie action (i think that's what it's called) . . . i dunno . . . i abandoned this project because it got very complicated and i just try not to run into these problems . . . but that's what you need to know . . . good luck!

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