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Thread: flash window into a wallpaper (or jpeg)

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    flash window into a wallpaper image (or jpeg)

    I am making a flash site where the user (a child) creates an on-screen image in the flash window,

    then I want the user to be able to press a button that would "take a picture" of the flash window contents and makes it the wallpaper. (no movement or interactivity; just a flat image)

    This would be easy to do if it weren't a flash window in a browser;
    for example if the image was a jpeg image in the browser they could just hold down the right mouse button and "save as wallpaper"

    1. Is there any way to do this in flash?

    2. Is there any way to trick the browser into seeing the flash movie as a single image (like a JPEG) so the user could right-click save it as wallpaper?

    3A. I believe Flash Generator can create a GIF image from the users flash file, but I can't afford Generator.
    3B. Swift Generator doesn't create JPEG or GIF images, Correct?
    3C Is there any other software out there that does this?

    4. Are there any other ways to convert the active flash window into a solid, flat image? (Like a JPEG or GIF)
    Macs used to have a "print to file" function. Does this exist on the PC?
    What about the print screen/window key which captures the image to "clipboard". Any way to use that?

    I would like to make it work w both PC and Macs but will settle for PCs if I have to.

    Thanks a lot. This sounds so simple...

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    Use flash capture or Flash wallpaper

    I know this post is very old - dunno if it would help now. But, there are couple of tools that will help you achieve what you need.

    1. flash capture - users can just right click and save flash as JPG
    2. Flash Wallpaper - Allows you create and distribute flash wallpaper. For a flash enthu this could be a great way to share your talent - it's free for personal use.

    Shalin Jain
    ScreenSwift For Flash
    Convert Flash Movie to ScreenSaver

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