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Thread: Seriously Distorted Images

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    Hi there... I'm working on a mac, and for some reason at random, when I make an .SWF file, flash will distort some of my images. (Like they're currupted. It looks like they're stretched out horrizontally) I thought that it might just be an image that's too large for it to handle, so I broke it up in to peices.,... and that didn't work. The only distinquishing factor, is these images have a mask on them. Has anyone ever run in to a problem like this before? It's particularly frustrating, because in the editor, the image appears fine. It's only when I test the movie or create a projector.

    Thanks for responding ASAP.

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    I ran into this problem and I think it´s not only Mac related.
    Anyways, I solved it by the following:

    - I converted the images to symbols.
    - then I opened each symbol and "broke" the images (clicked the images and broke them with shortcut Apple+B)
    - I placed the broken images on a "non-exact" pixel position, i.e. x-position = 0.1 , y-position = 0.1 , instead of x=0, y=0

    There´s also a tutorial in the tutorials section of FK that has another solution, I think.
    Search for "distortion" in the tutorials search.

    hope it helps

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    Hey thanks for the quick response! It worked great. Lets hope other people with this problem find this post!


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