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Thread: Poll: Fight Club or The Matrix?!

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    Okay guys. Reading a post just now and I pretty much got to thinking. How many other people thought these movies just flat out were the best you've ever seen? Well, I decided to find out.

    I want your opinions. Which of the following movies was best:

    The Matrix
    This movie presented endless possibilities and made you just thinking of what the real world was really made of.

    Fight Club
    Three words.
    Mischeif. Mayhem. Soap.
    Who could want anything more in a movie..?

    Anyway, let me know your opinions and all. Both of these movies kicked ass in my opinion. Matrix edged Fight CLub out because of the kick ass effects though. Although the Fight Club apartment fire animation was pretty sick.


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    thats a hard choice, in fight club, i loved the violence, but in matrix the special effects rules. so i would go with matrix, or would it be fight club

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    LoL, thanks for the final answer, Regis.

    Still need some more people on here. Two votes aren't good enough with this many viewers and users.

    The Matrix 2, Fight Club 0

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    i till can't decide

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    I'm gonna say you voted Matrix because your first choice was Matrix.


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    thats cool

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    May 2000
    I haven't seen the matrix yet ( i know i know) fight club was amazing!

    It was seriously fuct up!
    It was even more twisted than the usual suspects or the game. Which are both really cool movies.

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    can't vote if you didn't see both movies

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    Yeah...Mr. Durden took quite a few driver's licenses there didn't he.

    "The question, Raymond, was what did you want to be?"

    Heh, that was actually nice of him in a way.

    As for the ending sequence, I thought that was just amazing. Those buildings toppled like nuts. That would be just so awesome to witness that in real life. Heh.

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    Stellenbosch, South Africa
    Matrix was good but Fight Club was absolutely brilliant!

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    juggernart me2222's Avatar
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    Jun 2000
    The MATRIX!
    I´ve seen it four times.

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    Jul 2000
    Four times! Wow! That must be a record!!!


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    Phantom Flasher... Markp.com's Avatar
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    May 2000
    Hee heey, fight club was great, did you see meatloafs tits.. hahaah!!!

    Matrix rocked... I have it on video and watch it for inspiration... hey look at my site! http://www.markp.com you might notice a matrix feel there.

    In summing up: I loved them both, and split my body in two so I can vote for both at the same time.

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    def. the matrix !
    ('cause i didnt' saw fightclub)



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    The Matrix was filmed in Sydney, Flash Kit's dev and staging servers are named Trinity and Neo. We all love the Matrix.

    As a side, the fight scene where Neo dodges the bullets from the Agent was filmed in the building next to me in Clarence Street, Sydney when I worked for KPMG. All female staff spent most of the day looking out the window for Keanu Very sickening Next time you see it, watch for the KPMG logo in that scene.

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    I'm the good one! XU1's Avatar
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    May 2000
    THE MATRIX.....
    I`ve lived in Sydney for nearly 30 years....and it was really cool to see some familiar sights, and buildings on a great movie. A+++


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    São Paulo, Brazil
    Hum... tough one...
    See, The Matrix had awesome FX first seen on the silver screen, but the storyline is... hum... dumb? Can't really believe on that storyline. Well, here comes Matrix 2 and 3 (or so I've heard) and yes, I am going to see it.

    Fight Club rocked too. It goes deep inside the human mind (analyze the storyline...), but some things were kinda misexplained knowing the end of the film (I won't talk further as many haven't seen it yet and I don't wish to spoil...)...

    I think I keep Fight Club because of the fight scenes... they're soooo cool! The guy that's smashed till he's almost dead... then his face afterwards... ROCKED!

    Leo Lima

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    I wonder why you ask this uestion : THE MATRIX - THE ONLY ONE.

    i saw both film in french and in english, and for sure, i like much more matrix than Fight club (and there is no percussion on one of them ! )

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    Beyond the Sea
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    apples and oranges...

    these are 2 very disparate films. The Matrix is a sci-fi movie about questioning everything about the world around you. What is real, what is illusion?

    Fight Club is a deeply dark satire on american culture and how insane life is.

    You can't compare the films, they're just going in completely opposite directions. I believe they're both incredibly dynamic examples of what the medium of film can achieve. They both make you think.

    how's that for a non-commital answer

    ps. I find it funny how people are starting up Fight Clubs all over america when that's one of the things the movie satirizes.

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    The Matrix

    The Matrix. There Is No Spoon.
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