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    This is the place i usual come to get feedback and ideas for my design pieces,although most of you probably have not seen my site yet.
    If you are curious to see my webdesigning skills as well as print related design,have a butchers


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    The design concept looks clean - but it is just announcing itself so at this stage there is no much to comment on. You are music and sound orientated but I think it is better if there is a option to turn off sound. Good Luck Carol

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    u can turn off the music
    (see the bottom of the page)

    Thank You 4 looking at the site!

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    i arrived at the site and was a little unsure of what to do or what the site is for. I didn't know what the icons at the bottom are for (although squirrels ROCK).

    Is this your enter page? I'll take another look, if you want if you tell me what you want comenting.

    (hung over, friday morning in smokey Londres...)

    rock on

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    I like the latest CD innards work. Clean. Overall, the site gave me a kinda "eh" feel. It was almost too bland and reflects nothing of what your design-style seems to indicate in your individual works. It seems much too cluttered and text heavy - the eye had no focus points except for the link logos at the bottom. I might consider ditching the links and maybe adding tiny icons of your own in the headers of each section to help draw the eye. Also, box in the header for NEWS like you did with WORKS for consistency.

    Just my 02 cents!


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